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Eurotruss CWT Catwalk truss

Originally designed as a Catwalk Truss but redesigned to a multi versatile heavy load catwalk truss. CWT Truss is the most innovative and versatile structure which can be used as a catwalk truss with aluminium inlay and as two functions as the truss can be used in flat and/or upright position. By using the special combo connection you have a connical spigot with on the contraside a gable connector. The gable connector is turnable so it can be used horizontally and vertically (to make round shapes).

The truss is integrated with fixed welded receivers in order to fix the wagon on top (rigging position) or under the truss (in dolly position). If the wagon is placed under the truss you can leave your lighting fixtures attached and store or transport the Catwalk truss as it is turned into an integrated dolly. The CWT Truss is equipped with square tubes on the bottom side and carries various holes to attach and fix couplers for the lighting fixtures.

The rental prices for the Eurotruss CWT Catwalk Truss are:

Eurotruss - CWT-240 Catwalk Truss (Body) L=240cm: €75,-
Eurotruss - CWT- HR-240 Hand Railing L=240cm: €7,50
Eurotruss - CWT-320 Catwalk Truss (Body) L=320cm: €85,-
Eurotruss - CWT- HR-320 Hand Railing L=320cm: €10,-

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For availability and up to date rental prices please download our price list HERE or contact our specialists at +31 026 325 5392.

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