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DiGiCo SD12 Live Digital Console

The SD12 is set to raise the bar in terms of what users will now expect from a compact, multi- application digital console. Not only is SD12 a true sonic powerhouse, it also benefits from dual 15-inch touch screens, never before seen on a console in this range, and is the first in the SD Range with built-in recording interfaces; which makes Virtual Soundchecking very straightforward indeed. Furthermore, the SD12 now includes a DVI output, for an overview of the console. New LED meters allow for a brighter, faster operation, and the SD12 Lightbar is identical to that of the SD5 and flagship SD7 consoles. There's even space for two assignable master faders, only previously seen on the larger DiGiCo consoles as well as dual DMI Slots.

Description DiGiCo SD12:

• Compact in size
• Dual 15-inch touchscreens
• 24 channels in 1 view
• Dual operator mode
• Advanced surface connectivity with optional DMI cards
• Latest generation Super FPGA
• Familiar work flow and control in a more compact frame
• Live Touring, Corporate, Install, HoW, Theatre & Broadcast

• 8 local mic/line inputs
• 8 local line outputs
• 8 mono AES/EBU in/out
• Dual MADI in/out
• Dual DMI card slots
• Optional dual Optocore loops
• UB MADI 24 channel USB interface
• 16 GPI/GPO, MIDI, Wordclock in/out
• Overview monitor output, USB, Network

• 2 x 24 encoders with RGB HTL ring
• SD7 style channel strip with HTL EQ encoders
• New Dynamics metering on channel strip
• New high intensity meters by faders

The rental price* of the DiGiCo SD12 is  €600,- p.piece/

For availability and up to date rental prices please download our price list HERE or contact our specialists at +31 026 325 5392.

Preisliste (PDF)


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