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Robert Juliat Merlin

De perfecte mix van roestvrijstaal met een sterke aluminium behuizing! De Merlin heeft een revolutionair en oerdegelijk design. Perfect voor events on tour!
Nu met DMX Dimmer en W-DMX module!



• Fully closing iris: Ergonomic control with index; protective backplate for extended lifespan
• Gobo holder: Glass and metal gobos
• Ergonomic dimmer control: One-handed dim, pan and tilt
• Smooth dimmer shutter: Retains flat beam and colour temperature when dimming
• Fade to Black DMX additional dimmer module (option): For optimum control from the console as an accessory
• Progressive frost filter : On flip lever for quick soft-edge beam effect
• Horizontal and vertical choppers: Built-in with 2 independent controls for adjustable rectangular projection
• Individually removable colour frame: Gels replaced easily while colour cassette remains in place
• Colour changer: 6-way, self-cancelling boomerang colour-changer
• RJ Eco Mode: Enables to reduce the power consumption when the followspot is in stand-by mode (iris or dimmer closed)
• RJ Diagnostics System: Ensures optimum operation capacities, providing a wide pallet of feedback information (dimming level, lamp hours, temperature, projector status...) locally and remotely by RDM
• Easy focus reference: Graduated scale on side of lantern; fast and easy refocusing
• Adjustable yoke: For optimum overhead positioning
• Easy-to-balance counterweight: Steady movement, even at long distances
• Stand: Perfectly weighted for maximum stability with smooth rotation for optimum performance. Easy set up; triple safety system for extra security

De verhuurprijs* van de Robert Juliat Merlin is € 350,- per stuk, per dag.

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